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Wanna take your blog from average to awesome?

wanna Create hot content that stands out?

Wanna quit that J.O.B. and blog full time?

Awesome! I can help you with that.


I help bloggers reach their goals, grow their income and increase their influence by giving them the tools they need to confidently pursue their passion.

I've been a full-time blogger for half a decade now, and I know exactly what it takes to go from sideline to professional. I know the ups and downs, the stresses and the "whoohoo's", the pains and the profits.. I know it all, and I am here to give you the down and dirty, the secrets, the revelations, and the butt-kicking aha-moments that you so desperately need. 

I'm here to give you what I wish I had 5 years ago, when I took the plunge!

Blog it Better - Professional coaching and resources for bloggers

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"Kristine is the absolute best! She is kind, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, truly cares about your success. I can't tell you how many times she has told me how excited she is about my career as a blogger - and she really means it - she has spent countless hours on her "own time - unpaid" to help me build my blog into something truly groundbreaking.

I don't know how she knows all that she knows, but she has the answer for everything!  In 3 phonecalls, I feel like I've been through years of training and have a leg up on other bloggers in my category.

I write about a very specific niche, that most people don't understand unless they have gone through it personally, but somehow she gets it! She's helped me come up with topics I hadn't even thought of!

If you are looking to blow up your blog (in a good way) Kristine is your gal! Hands down!"

- Victoria Nino of

blog it better
"..Kristine is an extremely competent coach, and she is one of the most thorough and knowledgeable bloggers I have encountered. She always presents an abundance of tips and pointers, and her presentations inspire and engage the participants. Her courses are well suited for brands, but also for those who blog as a hobby."
- Astrid Dyson, director of international content marketing agency dyson.drager
Blog it Better - Blog coaching and resources
"The services offered by Blog it Better have been very valuable for me in the restructuring of my blog. Kristine Ofstad is highly skilled, and she works really efficiently! Another plus is her ability to give constructive feedback. Her techniques are spot on for me!"
Blog it Better - Coaching and resources for bloggers
"Working with Kristine from Blog It Better has been such a pleasure! As a casual social media user and amateur blogger with the desire to share my passion, she has helped me move from the idea of blogging as a hobby to the idea of blogging as a viable business. This has been an invaluable shift in perspective! From day one, she was attentive and helped to identify my needs. Her methods are clear and concise and can be used regardless of your passion!"                                              
- Erica McQuown of
Blog it Better! Coaching and resources for bloggers
"Kristine has a high level of knowledge and a broad set of skills, and she delivered an engaging and valuable training for my team. We were left with the feeling of having received great "value for money". She displays confidence in the role as coach and was especially skilled at involving us in the process and helping us create our own solutions. I sincerely recommend her services! "
  - Kjerstin Drager of
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"I am super happy with my Blog Review! Kristine is incredibly competent, professional, detailed, caring and gives a lot more than you expect. I can tell that she really cares and that she wants you to succeed. 

She also inspires, motivates and encourages a lot. She is the most loving person! She gets my warmest recommendations :)"

- Nina of

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let me sort you out!

If you don't know where you're going, you'll get nowhere..

One of the most important paths to blogging success, is having a sound strategy. But, it's also one of the easiest places to get stuck!

If you don't have a brilliant plan in place, or you need help sorting your thoughts and putting all your ideas together, this is the session for you!


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