How to Create the Perfect Media Kit + FREE template

How to Create the Perfect Media Kit + FREE template

How to make the perfect media kit + Free template!

Guest post by Clare Drake from

Hey, I’m Clare!

how to create the perfect media kit + Free Template. Clare Drake for Blog it Better!

I’m a digital presence coach having quit my soul-crushing 9-5 job over five years ago to work with ambitious, creative women to build successful & profitable businesses. :) I truly LOVE my job!

I’m so pleased to write this guest post for you - I do hope it will help you understand the importance of crafting a media kit for your business or blog - and bring in those sponsorship inquiries!

It’s been such a pleasure to write this guest post for Kristine - I’m such a fan of her work and she’s been a joy to work with! She has written a fantastic and super actionable Instagram post on on 5 Fun Ways to Spark Interest & Boost Instagram Engagement. She’s also created a fabulous Instagram engagement planner for you to download - so make sure you check it out!

Free Template - How To Create The Perfect Media Kit!

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How to make the perfect media kit + Free template!

What is a media kit?

What is a media kit actually for, anyway?

Well, a media kit is a representation of your personal or business brand. It includes all of the information someone would want to know about you or your business - in one tidy document. It helps them to determine if they should work with you either for a fee, or through a collaboration.

Do I need a media kit?

If you’re a blogger, business owner, freelancer or working on your personal brand, you need a media kit. Not only does it show that you’re a professional and take yourself seriously, but it also shows in a succinct way HOW people can work with you.

This is especially important if you’re a blogger wanting to work with brands through sponsorship, as this gives the brand an idea of your following, credibility, and audience. Don’t think that just because you have a small following they won’t be interested in you - they will! You just need to demonstrate that you can offer the type of partnership they’re looking for.

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Why do I need a media kit?

To delve further into why you might need a media kit, the three main areas that will likely relate to you are:

1. You want to get featured in the media to raise your visibility & reach more people.

Having a professional media kit readily available for journalists and members of the press to review goes a long way towards establishing your credibility.

Your media kit is the place where you can showcase who you are, who your audience is, and why you have a valuable opinion that you can offer to their readers.

2. You want to elevate your credibility & professionalism as a brand.

You may notice that big brands, magazine publishers, and superstar bloggers have media kits on their website. This is imperative for them to attract advertisers, to demonstrate their demographic and reach, and whether they’re a good match. It also establishes them as leaders in the industry by having a professional document (or even full web page) on the topic of their readership.

3. You want to attract more sponsorships and advertisers wanting to partner with you.

The main goal for many of us is to make an income from our blog or build a brand that will get people to want to work with us. Having a media kit makes it easy for them to understand what services we offer, our rates, our readership, and statistics before contacting us. This saves both parties valuable time before an inquiry.

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What does a media kit contain?

Media kits can vary immensely, however it should contain a few crucial elements, and then expanded upon depending on your needs.

1. Your Logo / Watermark

Your logo is an important part of your branding, and how you achieve brand recognition and awareness. This is the case whether you have a blog, business or personal brand. Each part of your brand’s visual identity needs to be thought out in the early stages of your branding, to represent a consistent image.

- If you want to know how to create your own brand style guide and create a consistent brand, you can check out my post "5 Steps to Creating Your Brand Style Guide". It even comes with a brand style guide template to make it super easy for you!

2. Your Bio / Brand Mission Statement

Your bio or brand mission statement tells the reader who you are and why you’re unique.

It’s also a great place to state what you’re like as a person (if you’re a blogger or have a personal brand) that will affect how they see you. Include personal details too - what you like to do in your spare time etc. Get them to know not only your brand - but who you are and what you’re like to work with.

3. Your Picture

If you’re creating your media kit for your blog or personal brand, I highly suggest including a high quality image of yourself. It’s a great way for the person who’s thinking of working with you - actually see you.

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How to create the perfect media kit + Free Template Download! Blog it Better!

4. Your Statistics

What kind of traffic do you get? Specify your monthly users AND page views. Include as many stats as you can and be specific about your audience demographic too. Remember to include how many email subscribers you have, too!

5. Your Offerings

This is where you can list what services you offer, such as sponsored posts. It’s also a good place to put your rates for each service you offer which reduces the amount of back and forth emails from interested parties. It’s also a great way for them to consider if working with you is in their budget before contacting you. A huge time saver!

6. Your Social Media Following

How many people follow you on social media - and what networks are your most popular? This may be a deal breaker for your client as they may want to focus on one platform or type of content when working with you.

For example, if someone wants to do a sponsored post with you but wants it to be a video post they’ll look at your current offering and following on your YouTube channel. Perhaps you have 50k followers on YouTube and only 10k on Instagram. This is a win for them as they know you can deliver great content on YouTube to an audience who already know, like & trust you.

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PIn from Blog it Better!
>>FREE Template<< How to create the perfect media kit! Blog it Better!

desirable extras

The main areas of your media kit are the ones above - who you are, your statistics and what services you offer are the most essential. However, there are a few more areas I suggest you cover to really highlight you and your brand in the best way possible!

  • Testimonials

Telling someone what you’re like to work with is one thing, but for someone you’ve done business with to corroborate it, is much more powerful.

It’s also a good idea to pick testimonials that highlight different aspects of their relationship with you. For example, can you choose one where they discuss your reliability and trustworthiness, and another highlighting how easy and fun it was to work with you.

  • Press Mentions

Being featured in a national (or even local) magazine or website will not only build your visibility so you can reach a wider audience, but establish you as a leader in your niche. This makes you and your services even more credible and helps secure partnerships that are both lucrative for you and your client.

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How to create the perfect media kit + Free Template Download! Blog it Better!

It’s TAKE ACTION time!

Now that you’ve learned just how crucial a great media kit is for your business or blog, I really want you to start implementing! If you’ve got this far I know you’re a committed go-getter, so it’s time to take action to start seeing results!

STEP 1: Download the free media kit template I’ve created for you.

STEP 2: Start compiling your bio, stats, testimonials, and an image that represents who you are!

STEP 3: Set aside an hour or two over the next few days to start updating the media kit template. Remember to change the media kit colors to your own brand color scheme too to really make it pop!

STEP 4: Upload it to your website and spread the word on your social media channels!

- Then pop back here and tell us in the comments where it’s at so we can check it out!

Kristine & I can’t wait to see what you’ve created - so please take action! 


Guest post by Clare Drake.



Remember to download the free media kit below and get started on creating your own!



[Free Template] How To Create The Perfect Media Kit!


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