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boost you Instagram engagement organically with a pod

What is an engagement POD?

An engagement POD is an exclusive group of Instagrammers, Facebookers or bloggers who boost each other's organic engagement in order to gain better traction on social media. POD members work with the algorithms and turn them in their favour.

Instagram algorithms favour comments, and so posts with high numbers of quality comments will be made visible to more people.

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How can I gain access to a Blog it Better Engagement POD?

Read the content on this page, join the Blog it Better Tribe, and send a POD request!

When I create new pods, I carefully match up bloggers whom I believe will work well together and who are a great match. This doesn't necessarily mean they blog about the same things, but rather that their qualities will make for an interesting, engaging and dynamic pod.

When I have a new POD open, I look through the applications I've received to see if there's a good group in there. 

The best part of joining a Blog it Better POD

Our POD's are not bots and they're not automation tools. They are also not soulless engagement machines with thousands of users.

I create small, exclusive groups of people who have something in common and will help each other add value. There's never more than 10 bloggers in any one of my PODs, though you can take part in more than one POD at a time if you so wish.

Essentially, I'm just bringing dedicated bloggers together, onto a shared platform where they can help each other grow. And, of course, I provide a bit of guidance along the way.

In a POD with hundreds or thousands of users, you can end up drowning in the feed, having to spend literally hours catching up on comments, or simply not end up getting back what you put in. You might even end up with an account that looks a bit spammy from uninvolved and repetitive comments, and that's not good for your readers or from an algorithm perspective.

Most importantly; you won't make real, true connections. You won't network.

- Robert Kiyosaki says, "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."

Application to the Blog it Better PODs is open to all*, big or small, and not a cryptic secret reserved for those "in the know". You'll get to know your fellow POD'ers, and you will never exhaust yourself trying to engage with hundreds of accounts.

*Application is open to all, however not everyone is guaranteed entry.

are you a blog it better tribe member yet?

Double whammy

In the Blog it Better pods, I sometimes combine activity on both platforms in order to create maximum engagement and boost each participant's visibility as much as possible. This means that POD member who apply for combined PODs must comment on both Instagram posts and blog posts within the pod, and it also means that you will see your engagement grow on both platforms.

Combined PODs will always be specified as such.

active participation

I want everyone to read through the terms of the Blog it Better POD's before they decide to apply. This is because I want each participant to commit to being an active part of the pod, in the best interest of all members.

Taking part in the pod is easy, rewarding and beneficial to your visibility on social media, but it does require active participation. Participants who aren't active will be uninvited. You can also leave the pod at any time if you find it's not for you, just let the others know first.

Create something bigger than just engagement!

Taking part in a Blog it Better engagement POD is more than just a fast-track to comments and likes. It's a unique opportunity to build lasting networks within the blogging community; networks that will help you build your brand long-term, and that provide support, learning, and friendship.

Honour this by posting genuine, thoughtful comments that are relevant to the posts.

If you enter into a POD with a desire to invest in others and strive to be a supportive member of your group, you will find that your pod can bring with it huge potential in more areas than just increased engagement! 

To underline this philosophy, and to help the pod along, I take an active part in the pod in the beginning. I will be active in your group, commenting and participating just like you.

Boost you organic engagement. Join a Blog it Better POD!

How to get started with the pod:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Make sure you're part of the Blog it Better Tribe.
  • If there's an open POD which suits your brand, you will receive an invitation to join a group message on Instagram. Your group will be called "Blog it Better Pod (number)"
  • Within this group, you can all chat and get to know each other. I will admin the group, so you can always get hold of me too :)
  • Whenever you've posted something on your Instagram or blog that you'd like the rest of the group to comment on, simply post it in the group. Make sure you include a live link so that everyone else can just "click in" to the post! 
  • When you see a new post pop up in the group, open your app, read what your fellow POD'er has written, and leave a thoughtful comment on their blog or Instagram post.

what are the pod rules?

  • All POD'ers must be part of the Blog it Better Tribe. You can gain access here.
  • All POD members must participate to remain in the pod
  • New members or infrequent posters must catch up by commenting on at least 1 of each participants' posts before submitting their own.
  • Instagram posts need comments as soon as they go live in order to "work with" the algorithm. Because of this, I recommend you turn on notifications so that you see new posts instantly.
  • Blog posts don't need instant comments, but it's good form to post your comment within a day.
  • There is no requirement for how often you should post on social media or your blog to participate - it could be once a day, once a week or once a month for that matter. But, you are limited to sharing max 1 post per day in the POD to avoid flooding the pod and exhausting your fellow POD'ers.
  • All comments must be more than 4 words (not including emojis) Shorter comments will not count towards Instagram algorithms!
  • Never comment using just emojis. They don't get registered by Instagram's algorithms at all.
  • Try to avoid generic phrases such as "great stuff" or "awesome pic". Instead, try to leave comments that reflect an interest in what your fellow pod'er has posted.
  • No resubmitting of old posts. Only new posts allowed.
  • You can leave the pod whenever you want, just please let me know before you exit.
  • Please do not invite new users to the pod. If you know someone who would like to join a Blog it Better engagement pod, please refer them to me and I will help them get started.
  • Never post inappropriate content!

NB: If you have questions within the POD, please message me directly so that the POD doesn't get swamped with individual conversations.

If you choose not to follow the rules of your POD, you will receive up to 3 warnings before you're removed. 

If you are happy with the terms and you would like to get started, simply fill out the form below, and you will receive an invitation when a suitable POD opens!

If you have any questions regarding anything I've mentioned, simply ask and I will answer as best I can.

Kristine x

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