Instagram Revamp - make Instagram love you!
Totally transform your Instagram account and attract more followers & engagement than ever before

  • Are you putting effort into your Instagram account without reaping the rewards?

  • Does your Instagram feed look more like a random collection of events rather than a kick-ass expression of your awesome brand identity?

  • Are you just not getting the followers and likes you want?

let me transform your instagram account!

I will revamp and redesign your Instagram presence, taking it from drab to hot, and in the process attracting a whole new following that will adore your awesome posts!

I will restyle your visuals, create templates that you can use over and over again, give you a full colour and font set to play with, recommend filters that suit your expression, and most importantly, teach you how to post, write and act to get as many likes and followers as possible!

Do your Instagram account a favour: get it REVAMPED today!

Instagram Design Revamp

instagram revamp

I will redesign the look and feel of your Instagram account, adding attractive visuals and streamlining your content. 

I will also give you a written recommendation for actions that will increase your following and engagement.

Includes a shoutout on the @BlogitBetter Instagram account!

Instagram Design Revamp with personal coaching session

revamp with coaching

I will do a full revamp of your Instagram account, but you will also be able to talk to me over Skype to get help with implementation and answers to any questions you may have!

20  minute Skype or telephone session

Includes a shoutout on the @BlogitBetter Instagram account!