personal blog review

personal blog review
I am super happy with my Blog Review! Kristine is incredibly competent, professional, detailed, caring and gives a lot more than you expect. I can tell that she really cares and that she wants you to succeed.
— Nina of

show me your blog and i'll tell you how to improve it!

  • Ever wonder why your readers aren't spending more time jumping from page to awesome page on your blog?

  • Are you not getting the traffic you want, or is your content not successfully converting your readers to loyal followers?

  • Are you admiring other gorgeous blogs but you're not sure how to make yours stand out in the same way?

The problem could be your design, the flow of your content, your cluttered sidebar, less than perfect imagery, or an unruly user experience.. You might not be able to pinpoint these issues, but I can.

Let me take a good look at your blog, and you will receive a comprehensive overview of what can be done to improve your look, feel and functionality!

If you want a better blog but you just don't know how to go about it, a Personal Blog Review is a quick, cheap and super efficient way to get great results, fast!

Get a full, detailed, written review of your blog and learn what you can do to improve it!
Personal blog review by Blog it Better

Written Blog Review

Let me trawl through your blog, testing the functions and examining the design and content.

Expect an honest, no-BS review which really gets deep into what you can do to improve your blog!

Personal blog review with coaching session by Blog it Better

blog review with follow-up

A full written review with a 20 minute personal Skype or chat session follow-up, where you can ask questions or get help with implementation directly from me.