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"Kristine is the absolute best! She is kind, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, truly cares about your success. I can't tell you how many times she has told me how excited she is about my career as a blogger - and she really means it - she has spent countless hours on her "own time - unpaid" to help me build my blog into something truly groundbreaking.

I don't know how she knows all that she knows, but she has the answer for everything!  In 3 phone calls, I feel like I've been through years of training and have a leg up on other bloggers in my category.

I write about a very specific niche, that most people don't understand unless they have gone through it personally, but somehow she gets it! She's helped me come up with topics I hadn't even thought of!

If you are looking to blow up your blog (in a good way) Kristine is your gal! Hands down!"

- Victoria Nino of

what I did for Victoria

Victoria wanted to rebrand her blog with a Branding Package, which included a colour scheme, font selection, logo, headers, opt-in banner and social media templates. She also wanted me to move her from Blogger to Squarespace, design a whole new website for her, and set up + design her Mailchimp account, opt-in and newsletter.

Victoria has also had several one-on-one coaching sessions, both for the development of her blog and to improve the social media presence for her business.

Recebtly, I've also designed a new website for Victoria, for her exciting new addition; Expecting Everything.

In addition, Victoria has worked independently with the "10 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Niche - Workbook".