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Kristine Ofstad Blog it Better

It all started when...

I clicked "publish" for the first time on The Gluten Free Lifesaver.

For years, I have run The Gluten Free Lifesaver as a full-time business. I have launched the site in two languages, across several platforms, and hundreds of thousands of people have visited my blog. It has become my home online, my brand and my passion. To many people, my face is synonymous with gluten-free recipes and a coeliac lifestyle.

It's over half a decade ago now, that I went from part-time to full-time blogger, and I have never looked back!

Before I started blogging, I worked as a Regional Director for a Scandinavian corporation, and my background was from business management and marketing. Like many others, I followed a fairly traditional career path, studied and then started mapping out a life in the corporate world. But, as I suddenly fell ill with coeliac disease at the age of 30, my life changed, and so did my outlook.

I wanted a new, flexible career that put less strain on me and gave me more freedom, and blogging made total sense. I chose to write about my coeliac and gluten-free lifestyle because it was relevant and interesting to me at that time in my life, and because I had gained considerable experience from my situation.

My mission is to help other bloggers

As I began to find success as a gluten-free food and lifestyle blogger, after a lot of hard work and lessons learned, I realised that I had accumulated a ton of knowledge about blogging along the way. I had started from literally nothing, and I learnt all the lessons, felt all the knocks, and picked myself up, time and time again. I really knew the in's and out's of blogging, and I had felt them and experienced them first-hand.

I also knew that I could help other bloggers navigate the choppy waters on the path to their own blogging success. I was already spending hours helping bloggers via email, setting up free courses on social media and blogging strategy, and I helped friends establish their own businesses. But it wasn't enough.

One day I felt as though the time had come to create a whole new platform, entirely dedicated to spreading the word about professional blogging, and to incorporate blog coaching into my business model. 

Blogging has been my business for many years, but it is also my passion, and I am wildly excited about helping others reach their blogging goals. I am so happy and thankful that I am finally able to open up Blog it Better to the world, and I am bursting with excitement over the great things that we'll accomplish together!

I hope we can get to know each other, and I would very much like to play a part in your blogging journey!

Thanks for visiting, and make sure you grab your free copy of my blogging e-book, steal some kick-ass blogging tips from my @blogitbetter Instagram account, and devour all the info you can possibly find across Blog it Better's platforms!

Can't wait to make your blog pop!

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Love from Kristine x

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