Why bloggers absolutely need to be on pinterest + FREE Download Custom Pinterest Templates!


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>>FREE Custom Pinterest Templates<< 5 Reasons Every Blogger Absolutely MUST be on Pinterest! Blog it Better!
>>FREE Custom Pinterest Templates<< 5 Reasons Every Blogger Absolutely MUST be on Pinterest! Blog it Better!

this is why you should use pinterest


The number one reason to use Pinterest is, without a doubt, the traffic it generates!

Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites and blogs come from Pinterest (stats from Omnicoreagency)

Don't think 5% sounds like a lot? 

As of January 2018 there were 1,3 billion websites in the world, according to Websitehostingrating.com and almost 360 million blogs, according to Blogging.org

That translates to 83 million (!) hits total from Pinterest.. Not a lot, you said?

It's an enourmous amount! And, some of it steadily drips on me.

Here's a screen shot from my stats, just to show you that Pinterest is AMAZING!

Pinterest has the potential to drive massive amounts of referral traffic to your blog, and you don't even have to pay for it! Used right, Pinterest is a traffic powerhouse, and it would be a silly shame for a blogger not to take advantage of it.

Don't you think it would be nice to take a chunk out of those 83 million hits, and direct them your way? Do you think your blog could benefit from an extra 80 000 visits, for example?


Another reason you must abolutely be on Pinterest, is the sheer amount of people who use it.

175 million people now use Pinterest on a monthly basis (01.01.2018), and milennials use Pinterest as much as they use Instagram. 

Those numbers alone make Pinterest an incredible platform to meet your readers and customers! This is where they hang out -go find them!

If I told there's a platform that will allow you to reach out to an almost unlimited audience, and that drives 5% of the world's website traffic, and it's free for your to use and ready to go, would you not take it?

That's Pinterest, and it's waiting for you!


Pinterest has a completely unique ability to drive purchases!

87% of Pinners have purchased a product based on what they've seen on Pinterest and 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases. Those numbers are completely unparalelled by any other platform!

Pinterest users are shopping at an astounding rate, and their purchasing power is strong. According to Websitehostingrating.com, half of Pinterest users earn more than $50 000 per year, and 10% have a household income of more than $125 000.

So, if you're selling anything at all, be it services, products, digital downloads, online courses.. you name it; you have to be on Pinterest!


Pinterest is one of few platforms that still provide incredible organic traffic for FREE.

In a time where social media is fast becoming just another marketing portal, bloggers can no longer rely on organic engagement as a source of traffic or income.

Facebook and Instagram are more or less already saturated, and every post is a fight with the algorithms.

Cue Pinterest; a social media powerhouse that still brings oodles of wonderful, organic traffic to its users! 

For now.

You should be in a BIG hurry. All good things may come to an end. Just check out what happened to me when Facebook went public. Capitalise on Pinterest NOW. Don't waste any more time.


Pinterest can help your google ranking

This is a great point!

As you could see from my stat screen shot, Pinterest gave me 80 000+ hits, but Google gave me almost 700 000.

That's because, over time, search engines become your number one traffic source. However, this takes time and it takes backlinks. 

Backlinks are links that other sites have pointed to yours. Many and credible backlinks tell Google that yours is a quality site, and this is importnat in order for your site to get a better ranking in Google.

Backlinks are difficult to get, and they take time. However, Pinterest can help you with this!

When a pin is created from your site, shared or multiplied, links to your site are created. Although backlinks from social media sites aren't raknked as highly as a backlink from, say the Huffington Post, they still count. And, what's more, they are plentiful.

Pinterest is a super helpful tool to get this process going!

Your Next Step To Start Drive Traffic From Pinterest

The first thing I want you to do, is visit the blog post "How to install a custom pin-it button on your blog".

A pin-it button is a tool that allows your readers to conveniently and easily pin your images directly to Pinterest without the use of browser extensions or image uploads. It's a super useful, even crucial, tool to gain more Pinterest shares from your blog.

Download these buttons for free by clicking on the image

Download these buttons for free by clicking on the image

In my post you will learn how to install a custom pin-it button on both Wordpress and Squarespace, and you will be able to download 12 free custom pin-it button designs that you can use on your own blog.

I also have a deal on for custom design of a pin-it button made especially for your blog, with full installation. Essentially, you'll have a beautiful custom pin-it button ready installed on your blog without lifting a finger.

>> Read the post and get your free pin-it buttons now!

Why you absolutely need to be on pinterest + FREE download Custom Pinterest Templates!


For a limited period, I'm offering bundled group coaching for Pinterest, a mini-course if you will, designed to take your Pinterest account to new levels.

If you want to learn exactly how Pinterest became one of my biggest traffic sources, sending tens of thousands of visitors my way, then you'll want to sign up for this coaching bundle!

Put it bluntly; can you afford not to?

How much traffic are you getting from Pinterest today?

- Get this: a regular one-on-one coaching session is $95. In this group bundle you get 3 full-blown coaching sessions for $135 (that's $45 per session). The coaching will take place over Skype or Messenger, and you'll be in a group of minimum 3-5 other bloggers who all want to become Pinterest champions.


Unlike online courses, ebooks and webinars, this mini-course is a hands-on, interactive and dynamic group coaching session. It's you and me, along with 3 or 4 other dedicated bloggers, getting personally coached over Skype.

This is a not a slideshow and a monologue in the company of 200 muted listeners.

During the coaching sessions, I will walk you through a strategic process that will make your Pinterest traffic multiply at an astounding rate, and it's all super easy and achievable. You can ask questions and you will get personal guidance.

>> FREE Pinterest Templates<< 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Absolutely Must Master Pinterest! Why use Pinterest as a blogger - Benefits of using Pinterest
>> FREE Pinterest Templates<< 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Absolutely Must Master Pinterest! Why use Pinterest as a blogger - Benefits of using Pinterest #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestforbloggers #socialmediatips #howtousepinterest #pinterestseo #pinteresttraffic #pinitbutton #wordpresstips #squarespacetips #blogitbetter #bloggingtips


Sign up now, and you'll also get a kick-ass Pinterest planning tool that will help you maximise your results! Hit the button for direct enrollment.

Hey, blogger!

Are you on Pinterest? What's your biggest Pinterest challenge?

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